Friday, October 9, 2015

Almost a year has gone by that I haven't gotten on here. Quick update for anyone that was keeping track. I retired in April, 2015, I left Chico, Ca. for good in June, 2015. I laid my late husband Michael to rest in March, 2015. I also made a big move, I drove with my SIL and BIL back to the East Coast my hometown. I was born in NYC and raised there.then I married my first husband Emilio Jr. and we lived in NYC for a while then moved to the bronx for a while then moved to brooklyn which I called home for many years. I left my home to move to California in 1996, married my second husband in 1998. Something how I never considered California my home even tho I lived there for 19yrs. my home was the East Coast and always will be. I have moved now with my daughter stacey, my SIN todd and my handsome grandson Zachary for the time being until I find a place of my own. So all and all that was my quick update. I hope to be posting some pictures of things I have done and things that have happened in a year.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

So yep it's been a long time since my last time of posting on my blog. So many things have happened. My husband passed away right after my daughter's wedding on Sept. 2012, it was long time coming so lets go to a happy note. So many happy things that have happened.
 My beautiful granddaughter Mylie birthday was November 4, 2014, She has grown so much and so beautiful. She is now 7yrs. old. My other granddaughter Diana was just 17yrs. She is mylie's sister and oh has she grown to be just a beautiful young lady. This was last year on her Sweet Sixteen. My beautiful beauties. 
Now for the gentleman of the group, my handsome grandson Zachary will be 5yrs. old in December 27 this truly will be a milestone in this family. This is his school picture of this year and he is very proud of it.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

So long ago

As you notice it has been so long I have not blogged. In the time I have not posted my younger daughter Mariceli got married to her wonderful wife Karen Curtiss.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Zachary's First Birthday

Parents with Birthday Boy
Zachary in his 1yr. Old bib nana got him and grandma feeding him his cake
Dec. 27, Zachary 1yr. old with Nana

Already printed fabric comes like this. All you have to do is follow instructions on how to put it together....Add batting and sew...super super easy.
All pages done
Back of book
The beginning of a soft cloth book

Front of book

This is a crib sheet pattern I found and made for Zachary. The fabric has these footprints and reads Baby's first Christmas Super cute.

One of the best gifts from Uncle Doug, he also got the joy to put it together

By the way this is the blizzard of Dec. 26, 2010

This is the gift he got from his grandpa and grandma

This was a year ago.

Zachary was 1yr. old on Dec. 27. Could not believe how fast the time goes by. I was so glad to be able to make it back to Boston and be with the family to celebrate just a milestone. Here is also some pics of the things I made and some pics of the celebration. The banner in the window was made by Grandma Kosterman, it was so funny she made the banner and from across the country I bought him the bib he is wearing which both they say, " Intelligent minds think alike."

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Learning How to Knit while you're sick!!!

Hat crochet booties knitted
Yep you read it here.....have been sick. Actually was sick for 4 days and was just being sick in the recliner. I figure I wanted to do something but my body wouldn't allow me to move from the space I was in unless I promised to go to the bed. So I promised ME I would just sit there for a while. So I said to self why don't you do something you have always wanted. I was sitting there crocheting so I put that project down and picked up some knitting needles and took up some reading on it. I had knitted about 30-40 yrs. ago but never kept it up. I read and it came back to me a bit, not sure I opened Utube and there it was. I learned how to knit and most of all how to purl and decease. I had crochet baby blankets and hats and booties for babies but this time I really wanted to knit some. I had finished a blanket and hat for a baby but this time I was going to knit booties even if it killed me. Yep I have taught myself how to knit and have made booties....YIPPEE. I am now on a roll and might just make socks or hats or sweaters or whatever but now I CAN KNIT. I would pat myself on the back if I could.