Monday, October 1, 2007

New Baby coming

So pretty soon we will have our first baby in a long time in our family. For the first time I will become a grandmother or nana as I would like to be called but who knows. I am on the point of finishing croching a baby sweater set and starting on a baby rag quilt which they say it would only take a day. I went to and I read on how to do a rag quilt and I cut down to my terms and size. We will see how it works out, hoping this will be done in a day as they say, but knowing me it will take about a week with no mishaps. This is my first attempt at quilting. I know how to crochet and sew so at least I'm up on the terms. Wish me luck everyone. Picture to come when I am done.

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Stacey said...

How's it going? Marc will be happy to get it soon!