Thursday, January 31, 2008

Little Miss Sunshine and Mom

Well here is Little Miss Sunshine and Mom, which also shines.
Oh yes and lets not forget those wonderful frog slippers Mom
is wearing. Great christmas presents from in-laws, that will be
us. Mom and granddaughter look just fabulous.
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Pretty Miss Sunshine

Here she is again making a preview as Little Miss sunshine. She has just a beautiful smile. Just got these new pictures of my granddaughter and she is just an angel. Just unbelievable the smile. Can't wait to see her.
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Monday, January 28, 2008

New Blanket

Well here is another blanket I'm working on for my granddaughter, as you notice one side has one color and the other has another. That is done with a crochet needle that has one hook on one end and another hook on the other. When you learn it really is simple, but not simple is getting it done. I picked these colors cause the baby's room is lilac and purple and this is suppose to be a lap blanket but I'm doing it a bit longer to fit her crib. Hope to be done maybe in a couple of weeks in between work and everything else. I really want to get into the quilt which I haven't started yet but hope to soon. Anyway this is fun.

William and Sonoma Cupcakes

Well my daughter and son-in-law send us a most wonderful gift for Christmas....William and Sonoma cupcakes. These are the cupcakes that Oprah bragged about on her christmas give away, especially the coconut ones. Well here it is. This is the last of them. The most delicious cupcakes in the world, as you notice this one as each one has been cup in half so me and michael could share and make them last. Well last night was the last three and we ate them with enjoyment. If you ever decide to buy some cupcakes just don't even think about it and go to William and Sonoma and get those at least for once in your life. I would like to thank first of all Oprah for inspiring my daughter with that show. Thank you Stacey and Todd for just a delightful dessert.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Baum The Day After

The lady is Pat....isn't that fish a beauty, I meant the trout of course.

Don also caught a beauty.

Lucky Michael got out the day before cause this is what it looked like the day after. This picture was taken and sent to Michael by Terry one of the Chico Area flyfishers member (CAF)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Baum Lake

I got Back Saturday and my buddy would not move away from me all night! Hunter was back to his normal self Sunday playing with his toys and watching/sleeping through a day a Football on my lap.Fishing was great at Baum lake for some people. I caught just one fish a day. People were getting into a lot of browns and rainbows.I guess going up early was a wise choice, it snowed all Day Sunday up there reports of a foot of snow.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Well Michael left early this morning to go fishing up to Burney falls. He will be gone for 2 days. Hunter seems like he knows his buddy is gone for a long time cause he was sleeping under the covers for a very long time. He went under the covers a bit after 10 a.m and decided to get up about 4 p.m. our time. Usually he is running around and playing with his toys but not today. No he is not sick, just not playful....buddy not here. Well back to burney falls. It is really beautiful up there, the falls are 129 ft. Check out the falls at We have been camping there many times and really love it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Storm Pictures

So sorry the way pictures look but these were cut from the newspaper and scanned and I'm not great at positioning the picture just right to scan, but the whole idea is so you could see what we saw. Now many 100 times worst that you see in these pictures is what has happened here and the out laying areas of our communities and people still waiting for lights. This picture remains me of a mast of a ship, falling after it hit a big storm in the ocean. These are power lines.
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It was like this all over town
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Storm Pictures

This was down by my job
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Storm lingers

Well some parts of chico and shasta county are still without lights believe it or not. This storm still lingers, its unbelievable what damage it has done. So many people that live so far from town and close to town that are still suffering from this storm that has long gone but left behind so many remembrance of it.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

North State gets Hit by STORM

Yep you read it right....After 38hrs. in the dark we are back. Boy this was hard to be without lights and hearing the wind outside and not knowing what was happening in the rest of your town. We live in Chico,ca. and boy were we hit hard. Right now we still have about 13,000 people still without electricity. We got up to 75mph winds, electric poles were snapped in half, trees up rooted and debir all over the place. It will take me days just to pick up tree limbs and get the yard back in shape, that is when it stops raining. The weatherman predicts another storm coming but not as bad, I don't think it will be like this again for many years to come. Unless the weather is like it was on January 3, 2008, The perfect storm. Hope to have pictures up soon. Our cable just got back up about 2hrs. ago. Well Happy New Year to all and keep safe. Especially all that have gone through this storm and more to come.