Thursday, January 31, 2008

Little Miss Sunshine and Mom

Well here is Little Miss Sunshine and Mom, which also shines.
Oh yes and lets not forget those wonderful frog slippers Mom
is wearing. Great christmas presents from in-laws, that will be
us. Mom and granddaughter look just fabulous.
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Toffee said...

Dear Stacey's mom,
I was looking for the famous "pancake video" with my pal Stacey. It made me smile. I miss it. Is it gone forever??

LordHarrier said...

Hey Mami,

Did I forget to tell you how much Lylly hates to have her picture shown? LOL its ok since Mylie is in the picture and her slippers are a focus.. I just had such a laugh that I forgot to tell you that.. don't take the picture off