Sunday, January 6, 2008

North State gets Hit by STORM

Yep you read it right....After 38hrs. in the dark we are back. Boy this was hard to be without lights and hearing the wind outside and not knowing what was happening in the rest of your town. We live in Chico,ca. and boy were we hit hard. Right now we still have about 13,000 people still without electricity. We got up to 75mph winds, electric poles were snapped in half, trees up rooted and debir all over the place. It will take me days just to pick up tree limbs and get the yard back in shape, that is when it stops raining. The weatherman predicts another storm coming but not as bad, I don't think it will be like this again for many years to come. Unless the weather is like it was on January 3, 2008, The perfect storm. Hope to have pictures up soon. Our cable just got back up about 2hrs. ago. Well Happy New Year to all and keep safe. Especially all that have gone through this storm and more to come.

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