Thursday, June 26, 2008

Butt County and What is happening to Us

The smoke from all the fires in the North state is making outdoor activities hazardous to your health. The Butte County Air Quality Management District categorized Tuesday's conditions as "very unhealthy." The only category worse than that is "hazardous."

The Chico Area Recreation District decided to cancel all outdoor camps and activities for the remainder of the week. At Peterson Park in North Chico, Wednesday's Neighborhood Night Out is Canceled. Also, the Thursday Night Market scheduled for the 26th of June is canceled due to poor air quality.

Even healthy people are advised to stay indoors. Summer School is closed again Wednesday for the Paradise Unified School District due to the poor air quality.

So here it is...we can't even stay outdoors not even a bit,poor hunter sees the yard for just a couple of minutes and that is it. The sky is cloudy and foggy and its worst than in china. There were 40,000 hits of lighting and now we have fires all over the place in butt county. Thank God its not to close to us but we feel it in our lungs and smell it in our homes. But what is worst the fires or the floods.....You figure that one out.
God bless us all.


Toffee said...

Yes! Stacey made me frosty paws!!! She is super paw-some!

The frosty paw recipe she used can be found on Clover's blog. I believe it is

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mau said...

Thank you....hunter will love it. Well all in all we are good but the air is still horrible and we still are not out of the woods. Fires are still close so our air is horrible and only about 1mile visibility. Air quality in the foothills was 375 which is hazaous we are also 200 today very unsafe. So here we stand again.