Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Diaper Cake

First let me explain how all this came about........You see my sister-in-law very rarely gets time to come and spend any time with us without her family. So when she comes its mostly for us to get some girl time in and do crafts or just go on the town and have some fun. So this was the time to get together. I opened my mouth and let her know about this crafty person online which has her blog and its almost like Martha Stewart and did this diaper cake. So naturally she has friends that are almost do and this was how we got started. FIRST, BIG HIGH FIVE to Jill from Home made by Jill. You can find her link right on here. Also to Martha Stewart site on making flowers outta coffee filters. You can get the template also from Martha on the flowers. Best you can get all on how to make it on Jill's site. Only difference was we couldn't find the mailing tubes she had so we just got regular mailing tubes and added our own ideas. We also added the green leaves on the bottom of the diapers not on top. But all and all we think they came out pretty nice. One thing was we had a fabulous time running around town getting the stuff. We also went to Michael's and picked up the cake bottom already done and the middle and top also, much easier than cutting. TO SEE THE ASSEMBLY LOOK AT THE END FIRST THEN YOU WILL SEE HOW IT WAS DONE.We were sitting watching the video
from Martha Stewart on making
flowers from coffee filters. The flowers
as you noticed came out great, its the
prep work that takes time.

Here is my cake almost done.
Here is susy placing her ribbon on her
As you noticed we dropped in the last
tier and added a doily on top with double
sided tape, by the way we just put tape to
tape forgot about the double sided one.

Here we were testing the fitting with

adding a diaper around the tube for
a tight fit and it worked. Each tier came
apart with no problem. We added the

diaper with a see-thu hair rubber band.
We were running outta the bigger diapers so we added the newborn to fill in where the big ones were suppose to be and it worked great. One bag of newborn and one bag of the next size up was all we needed for 2 cakes.

Placing of the tubes. We couldn't find
the mailing tubes Jill had so we just
cut a mailing tube and wrapped
a diaper around the end to insert into
the other and it worked.

Inserting the second tier into the

first tier.
adding of diapers for first tier
first tier placing of main tube
cutting tubes
gluing doily on stand
gluing the doily on cake stand. Supplies and rolling of diapers.

Oh and by the way after we finished all this, that night I got that awful flu that is going around and I still have it and its almost a week aready.