Thursday, February 21, 2008

Team Jose

My grand nephew Jose is ready to fight a battle again this year with his team. To raise funds for Autism. Here are some simple words from My nephew his uncle. He puts it much better than I can. So like he says as
much or as little it will be appreciated. Greetings Everyone: Please excuse the mass email but I wanted to send this out to as many of my friends and colleagues as possible. Part of my family will be participating in a Walk for Autism in April. Actually, my nephew who is the main walker will be supported by all his family members. My nephew, Jose is autistic and a member of the Autism Resource Center in Worchester, MA. The Autism Resource Center helps individuals and families learn to deal with living with this condition. My nephew - Jose - has benefited so much from this organization and I would like for him to continue. Over the last few months he has made significant progress especially in his speaking skills where once we had a child who couldn’t speak now we have one who has made unbelievable advances and can now actually form words. Jose is now four years old and I’m here to say he’s pretty cool and his mother Hope Victoria has been up to the challenge by giving of her time to this organization. Please understand this is totally voluntary… If any of you can sponsor Team Jose – My family and I would appreciate it. No donation is too small and every dollar will help benefit those living with Autism.Here is a link which you can go view and sponsor me and Jose.