Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Life at P.A.L

So What have we done to deserve this was heard this morning from one of the co-workers.

The mood this morning was insane, should we run before they all see us???

Should we go and tell each one of them its going to be breakfast in bed and then run.

NOOOO we just took it in the chin like we always do and did our job.

Housekeeping doing breakfast dishes and serving coffee, others bringing people down in their wheelchairs and me smiling and handling their medications.

Picture this what would happen if we all just left them in the dining room and M.Mac gets up and cooks for them, or Helen E. passes medications.

Big Daddy can just push them all back to their rooms. While scooter lady can knock them down as they pass by and then there would be less people in the dining room.