Monday, March 9, 2009

Great find!!!

We had a small silent auction at my job last week and I got a great find for me, a wonderful lady passed away and her family left stuff of hers to be given away or send to salvation army. We had a silent auction and all proceeds goes for the Alzheimer memory walk which we have each year in about sept/oct. She had this pretty blouse and I got it, eveyone told me," Thats not going to fit you". Little do they know this is going into some quilt blocks and you can see why. I plan on cutting around the embrodery and using fusible web on the back and putting them on small blocks and making a small wall quilt. Her memory will always live on in this quilt. Thank you merriam for all the wonderful memories of yours.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Don't you hate when people tell you things like "thats not going to fit you". Like they know what is best for you and you don't know anything! Oh that gripes me. People are well meaning but I prefer when they keep their opinions to themselves. This is very sweet. Good for you. It is nice to have something to remember her by.

naoko said...

Thank you for your visiting and posting.This embroidery is so pretty and your plan is wonderful! I'm sure this is a great memory quilt.

Nanci said...

Oh god, I love that. I agree, a few of those squares incorporated with some great colours to match and whoppee you've got a great quilt.
Post it when done!