Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Foot on Day off !!!

Title sounds funny but this is just want I got today. I got a new darning foot for my singer YIPPEEEEE. Been waiting so long to get this and try it. Being that I'm a new quilter I have not gotten into all the aspects of quilting but have been reading all of the wonderful quilters blog on the right hand side of my blog and I am ready to tackle the quilting part with a darning foot and hand quilting also naturally. Today was our day off by we I mean me and my hubby Michael. When I'm off he is off from housework and cooking (mutual agreement). Naturally on our day off we took off to one of our favorite spots Barnes and Noble so here is Michael resting outside with his purchase and here is my purchase of the day. Mine you we can be in there for up to the least 3 hrs. but we knocked it down to 1hr. cause it was lunchtime and we got hungry.


Nanci said...

Well good morning. I just popped in from Mary's to have a visit. Interesting name just got me.
I too am a new quilter and had sewn some, but never ever thought I would be quilting in this lifetime for sure!
I just did it! I didn't take lessons, and I followed Mary's couple of tutorial's as well as Amandajean's and I was away to the races.
Have a peak what a year's obsession can do to one's life.
I'm adding you in my favorites for sure.
see ya!

Annemiek said...

Are you quilting with a regular sewingmachine? i hope you post an update on how this foot works and if it does its quilting job. I always quilt everything by hand just because I can't on the machine (and because i love to handquilt too!!)