Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cool One Tonight

Well again its HOT tonight still 90 at 8PM so Hubby went out and bought us a cool one, Yes we just got our summer fest 2009 from Sierra Nevada It was so refreshing. They only make this beer for the summer time. Mine you I'm not a drinker and I don't really like beer at all but when summer fest comes out which its only been 3 weeks on the shelves, we go and get some. Sometimes a six pack will last us almost a month (stop laughing all you drinkers out there in blogland) So here's to you and have a cool one on me.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

More New Stuff for April

Well another year has gone by, Yep it was my b-day on Tax Day.. another year older and wiser. But on to the good stuff I have been Chico for the past 9-10 yrs. and have passed this lil shop for the past several years and never thought of going in there. Its a quilt shop called The Rabbit Hole well to my amazement I didn't want to leave what wonderful fabric and what a place, I wish I had my camera with me. As I walked in I got hit with my favorite colors in this small arcove. It was all lined up with all these reds, blacks and whites. Reds had black and white, Blacks had reds and white and etc. I was just there for a certain line of color which was chocolate and boy did they have chocolates. I only picked 1/2 yd. which I needed. It was funny cause over by Penny's blog she just made a diaper bag with chocolate fabric and it looks almost like the fabric I bought but its just a bit more detailed then mine. Here are some pics and some pics of some of my plants coming back.....we have a major job going on in the garden right now, putting in new beds and doing some roundup on weeds that just have taken over especially the periwinkle by the fence I hate that weed. Have a great Weekend you all. Don't you love that Chocolate color fabric. I have a certain person in mind which will get some of that fabric in something I'm making but its a secret.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Avon Calling, New line for Spring !!!

Testing out the new line for Spring !!!

Toilet paper Inspector!!!

Toilet paper Inspector.....have you ever had one of these?? Well my son has a live in one. Isn't she so cute.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Can you guess what I do with these gloves? On St. Patty's Day we were out on the town and at one place we went to we got these gloves. My Hubby didn't really want them cause what was he going to do with them, well I on the other hand told him to please take them and I would tell him what to do with them. Quilters bulbs are already flashing aren't they. Yes that is right I now use the gloves for holding down the fabric on my machine so I can quilt. As you see on one of the gloves it has these lil grip like dots that the fabric stays put.....So thanks to The Bear for giving these away, If I knew in the beginning how they were I would've gotten some of the patrons there to give their gloves up cause what are they going to do with them afterwards...LOL. They came with no fingers also, isn't that great.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring is Here

As I listen to the bees far away in the wisteria, birds flying and singing, humming birds coming and going and looking for the feeder I think how beautiful a day it is. Wish that spring would stay forever. How will our weather be in the summer, Praying that it doesn't get to HOT this year. Wish you could hear what I hear just the sounds of spring. Good Evening all. Happy Palm Sunday.