Friday, May 29, 2009

New Beds showing their Colors and Stuff

Being a while since I blogged, first its been darn hot here and we have been in the garden whenever we can get out here early and do stuff. Its been some hard work just getting everything done but now its keeping the maintance up and hoping for a good harvest on our tomatoes,green beans, cucumbers, squash, green peoppers and lets not forget cilantro. I just love sitting in our meditation area and our lil loveseat across from the patio bed and admire all the hard work. Here is what has happened to our garden since everything is planted and growing. Mine you we are not done yet, we still got a bit here and a bit there but we love it. Hunter just loves to run around and sniff here and sniff there, he loves to go to lowes with us in the carriage and smell all the flowers. Have a great Weekend enjoy our labor in the garden. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will post again some more pictures of our growth in The Gonzalez Garden. 


Nanci said...

Hi, I've been away for so long too and found that your garden has greatly grown over the past few weeks.
It's the California weather compared to Ontario weather here in Canada.
God, it's been so cold for spring weather and we had snow last weekend. Nearly froze to death, but had to survive it as the little hummingbirds needed to be fed.
Keep posting, I'll catch up even though I don't comment. Am on dial up and can't read blogs.
I am so depressed, but happy to be home to catch the news.

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

What a great looking garden.