Thursday, October 8, 2009

Leaping into a New Era

Stitches that Miss Simple makes

Yes I'm leaping into a new era of sewing with 2 machines instead of just one. First let me introduce you to the NEW ONE....Singer Simple. My beloved son and daughter-in-Law bought this machine for her mother when she was down by them, she didn't not want to take it back home with her (her lost my gain) my son read on my blog that my beloved Old singer wasn't working so they decided to send me Miss Simple. Long story short, I redid our sewing/craft room all over again...still not to happy with it but it will do for now and put up Miss Simple to play with it and get to know it better.
Mind you I got it without any accessories nor the book but read the box that it came in....LOL LOL
It has a thread treader which is great for my sight, and you push a button and feet go down on it, and also does a buttonhole but I think I need the gadget for it. Also says it has a quilting foot...that I would love to have.....But all in all it sews so quietly and its great. Here are some pictures I took of her.

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