Friday, January 23, 2009

Love These Fabrics

Love the green fabric...had it a long time.

I would never had put pink/teal/olive green together but they did, just wonderful.

This block was what the quilt was going to look like but I wasn't happy with it. So this will be a pillow. The quilt will be like the first photo on top, more happy with the way that came out. Mind you I almost had like 5 blocks done then ripped them out to get them right. :)

Have had these fabrics for awhile, I think they go good together. So I'm making a light quilt for spring/summer. Someone in the family will get this one, being that I'm not that great and still practicing I have to give it to someone and keep going on the next one. Am also still working on Marc/lilly christmas gift that should be done soon. Everyday I learn more and more from reading the blogs I love, now those are very experienced quilters and have the equipement to do so. I'm a novice here but am doing my best. Being that I have a growing family, by making them each a couple of quilts and other stuff at the end they will always have it long after I'm gone. Just the same as I have my mom's tablecloths, crocheted doilies which she did just a beautiful job on those. I will look for those and post them on here so you can see her work.