Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Can you guess what I do with these gloves? On St. Patty's Day we were out on the town and at one place we went to we got these gloves. My Hubby didn't really want them cause what was he going to do with them, well I on the other hand told him to please take them and I would tell him what to do with them. Quilters bulbs are already flashing aren't they. Yes that is right I now use the gloves for holding down the fabric on my machine so I can quilt. As you see on one of the gloves it has these lil grip like dots that the fabric stays put.....So thanks to The Bear for giving these away, If I knew in the beginning how they were I would've gotten some of the patrons there to give their gloves up cause what are they going to do with them afterwards...LOL. They came with no fingers also, isn't that great.