Monday, May 4, 2009


I have not been able to finish Mari's quilt cause my dear friend My Singer no longer wants to work for me, she has been under the weather a bit. She will have to go into the shop but she will have to wait a bit and also I. I am now trying to finish Mari's  quilt by hand, mind you we are talking about a queen size quilt. I know a great deal of quilters do it by hand but I'm not an expert but we will see. Wish me luck, in the mean time I will work on the quilt and on the yard. Have a great Week everyone.

New Beds are Made

Well we have been working hard for these past 2 weeks trying to beat the rain which we have. We got 2 beds done in the side of the house ready for planting. Also I got to do the front and put in one more rose for my memory garden this one rose is another yellow one in memory of the passing of my sister-in-law Raquel, I love her dearly what a wonderful person she was. She is missed but will always be in our hearts. I also planted some flowers and getting ready to finish digging the side but not yet planting anything. Here are some pictures, some didn't come out right was losing power have to get new battiers. If you notice in the first picture we also lost our wheelbarrow front wheel so it wasn't pretty. 

Our Sunshine

These are pictures my daughter Mari took of my granddaughter, How I miss seeing her grow so fast. She reminds me so much when Mari was growing up some of her features are like her and even her hair....sorry son.

Top picture was when Mylie's dad and aunts were young. Take a look at her aunt Mari in the middle.

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