Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thumb hurting!!!

Well its been a while, like some other people getting into Christmas gifts going. I've been crocheting and knitting. Yes knitting which I have really never done so I went online and found an incredible site with videos and all so I've been trying but don't think anyone will get anything knitted from me just yet but that is where I found the pattern for HB beany here is the site she is amazing. She goes step by step on how to make stuff just unbelievable. Next week will be our anniversary of 11yrs. and I crocheted a beany for him, he loves beanies but could never find one that fits him right so I made him one. I gave it to him today cause I had to see how it fit and here it is.......well it will be a while when I post again cause I really have to get some items done or I will never get it out in time. But I will be on here every so often.