Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Learning How to Knit while you're sick!!!

Hat crochet booties knitted
Yep you read it here.....have been sick. Actually was sick for 4 days and was just being sick in the recliner. I figure I wanted to do something but my body wouldn't allow me to move from the space I was in unless I promised to go to the bed. So I promised ME I would just sit there for a while. So I said to self why don't you do something you have always wanted. I was sitting there crocheting so I put that project down and picked up some knitting needles and took up some reading on it. I had knitted about 30-40 yrs. ago but never kept it up. I read and it came back to me a bit, not sure I opened Utube and there it was. I learned how to knit and most of all how to purl and decease. I had crochet baby blankets and hats and booties for babies but this time I really wanted to knit some. I had finished a blanket and hat for a baby but this time I was going to knit booties even if it killed me. Yep I have taught myself how to knit and have made booties....YIPPEE. I am now on a roll and might just make socks or hats or sweaters or whatever but now I CAN KNIT. I would pat myself on the back if I could.


Michele Bilyeu said...

I'm patting you on the back and sending get well wishes at the same time. This is unbelievably good. Very, very cute!!!!

code reduction said...

Knitting a cute and useful things for your babies and your family members is very nice idea.You can do it in your free time.I like your sharing on it.