Friday, October 9, 2015

Almost a year has gone by that I haven't gotten on here. Quick update for anyone that was keeping track. I retired in April, 2015, I left Chico, Ca. for good in June, 2015. I laid my late husband Michael to rest in March, 2015. I also made a big move, I drove with my SIL and BIL back to the East Coast my hometown. I was born in NYC and raised there.then I married my first husband Emilio Jr. and we lived in NYC for a while then moved to the bronx for a while then moved to brooklyn which I called home for many years. I left my home to move to California in 1996, married my second husband in 1998. Something how I never considered California my home even tho I lived there for 19yrs. my home was the East Coast and always will be. I have moved now with my daughter stacey, my SIN todd and my handsome grandson Zachary for the time being until I find a place of my own. So all and all that was my quick update. I hope to be posting some pictures of things I have done and things that have happened in a year.